What "Kota Sarees" is?

Kota Sarees are ethnic contributions to the fashion world. They are globally recognized with their exquisite designs and patterns. Kota Sarees are woven in Rajasthan, India. Originally, they have their root in Mysore. In ancient times, these types of saris were brought to Rajasthan by the weavers of Mysore. Later they became popular as Masuria Malmal, Kota-Masuria, Kota Cotton and Kota Doria.

The sarees are manufactured mainly by the Ansari community of the erstwhile Kota state and the ‘Hadauti’ region. Today, the villages in outskirts of the Kota city is where mostly all the weavers are concentrated.

The major location of the weavers is the Kaithun (or Kaithoon) village, which is about 15 km from Kota. there are nearly 1500 weavers in this cluster. Apart from Kaithun, a few craftsmen pursue this craft in the adjacent districts of Bundi and Baran. Kota sari is another name which is commonly used for the Kota doria sarees.

Kota sarees can be of three types like as printed, plain and zari. The printed kota sarees mostly come with off-white and white background and these also come with sanganeri patterns. Commonly, these sarees either come with jalls or single motifs. The plain kota sarees mainly available in checks that are either formed by golden threads or coarse cotton. Last type is the zari kota in which the saree borders are embellished with zari work and sequences.

Apart from highly eye catching, these sarees are very much lightweight and comfortable. So, one can feel fresh even after wearing these sarees for hours in the hot and humid summer days of India. Another great thing about these kota sarees is that these look just perfect as both day and evening wear and these also match perfectly with all types of complexions and body shapes.

Our Specialities


Kota Suits

"Kota suits" is a stable cotton or cotton/silk weave consisting of varied gauges of yarn, creating an almost graph like pattern called khats.

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Kota Sarees

This cloth is now big in fashion for stitching sarees and suits, so the sarees and suits have become extremely popular in the market.

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Kota Plain Material

Hand loomed Kota sarees in pure cotton are a rare find - polyester is gaining more and more ground.

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Kota Zari Sarees

The cloth is super fine and densely woven. It's density and border weight give it a heavier drape that's a delight to wear.

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